Green Valley, California
Photography Rebecca Yale
I have always believed that events don’t have to be derivative, but can be inspired by color, art, and the vibrant life that moves around us. Often in wedding design, we stick to a traditional classic white color palette, but forget that it can be so inspiring to pull from ancient cultures, the French countryside, the cliffs of Santorini, or a beautiful artistic masterpiece. So when Rebecca Yale approached me to design for her workshop, I was thrilled — especially with her fresh and unique idea to create designs inspired by different artists.Taking this as a cue, I looked toward female artists of the 20th century who have had a unique and diverse impact on modern art: Georgia O’Keeffe, Helen Frankenthaler, and Yayoi Kusama, each of whom are powerhouses in their own right. Even though all three of these artists have their own established style, all three love the use of color. It was very important that each piece had a unique color palette completely distinct from one another. Georgia was the mother of American Modernism, Helen was a great contributor to American Abstract Expressionist in Post-War America, and Yayoi is such a memorable contributor to Pop Art and Minimalism.