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Effortless as it may seem, every beautiful event is the culmination of hundreds of decisions made along the way. We make sure you feel confident in your choices from the start by taking the time to understand what you value most, and then customizing your design direction to bring your vision to life. We offer high, mid, and moderately-priced packages so you can pick and choose what works for you, guiding you to select the perfect combination of options for your budget. Do you envision an elaborate table setting complete with Riedel crystal glassware? Perhaps you balance it out with a simpler style of barware. Have you always dreamed of a ten-piece band or a world-class DJ performing at your reception? We will break down every cost that goes into the making of your event. Our transparency lets you see exactly where your investment is going, providing the best experience possible for you and your guests.


Selecting a venue might be the most important decision you make as it sets the tone for your entire celebration, defining your guests’ experience from the moment they walk in. Planning a black-tie soiree in the city? We will recommend a sophisticated spot that’s dripping in old-world charm. Is a farm-to-table experience in wine country more your style? We can find an organic, garden-inspired venue that’s perfect for al fresco dining. We do all the work on the back end to make the most of whichever venue you choose, whether that’s adjusting the acoustics for better conversation, building a canopy to protect your guests from weather, or designing a custom stage to match the architectural elements of the space. Your venue naturally becomes an extension of you, where your guests feel welcome and cared for at every turn.


Every event we produce is a brand-new design, grounded in everything that is significant for you. We draw inspiration from your favorite art, film, travel destinations, hobbies, and pastimes, along with stories from your own family history. From a color palette inspired by a treasured family heirloom to a bar styled after a nostalgic childhood video game, welcome cards cut to the shape of the city you call home, or a beautiful vignette based on your fiancé’s nickname, every detail is a meaningful connection to a part of your unique story. We quickly brainstorm intricate, novel ideas that seamlessly connect through the timeline of your event, leading up to a grand celebration that feels like it could only have been designed for you. We want you to get just as excited about the design of your event as we are, and there is nothing we love more than hearing how the small, personalized details become the ones you remember for the rest of your life.


Just as no two clients are alike, all of our events are entirely new designs. Whichever service you choose, your event will be fully customized to match your vision.


If you’re looking for complete support and guidance through the entire process of planning a large-scale event, we suggest our full coordination and design services. From scouting the ideal location to choosing your vendors, planning the menu and carefully curating the design, we are with you every step of the way. And when it comes time for the main event, we are there to make sure it goes off without a hitch. We’ll work with you to outline the event’s overall aesthetic, coordinate with all your vendors, and orchestrate the celebration — your only responsibility is to sit back and take it all in.


If you are already working with a certain venue or coordinator, we are happy to help harmonize the individual elements of your event into a cohesive experience. Partial coordination and design are only available through specific venues and partners, so please inquire for more details. In addition to weddings, we plan unique celebrations designed to highlight a special person, milestone, or major life event. Our custom experiences include non-profit galas, birthday parties, executive events, and holiday soirees, book launches, wine tours, grand openings, and more. 

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Kate Siegel Fine Events is an event design and wedding planning company based in San Francisco